G-sim Seyeon

G-sim Seyeon(BHAK)


‘G-sim’ Seyeon paints semi-abstract images of explosion with the tips of his fingers. What he reproduces is the moment of existence.

‘G-sim’ Seyeon has a bachelor’s degree in visual design. The artist used to live and work in Berlin, Germany, but returned to Korea recently and has been continuing his unique artist practice called fingerpainting. Before returning to Korea, he held solo exhibitions in Berlin and Antwerp. ‘G-sim’ Seyeon does not use paintbrushes because he believes that they physically limit him and the viewers. Instead, he uses his fingers, in hopes to communicate more closely with the audience. In that vein, he showcases live painting performances to share his primitive thoughts and emotions the moment they emerge. A strong artistic bond forms between the artist and the audience when his inner language is translated into a universal visual language.

‘G-sim’ Seyeon’s act of artistic creation and the fruits of his practice are traces of his inner world. The artist begins his artistic journey from exploring the primitive emotions of man, such as human desire and impulse. His creative works, which are inspired by the exploration of the mind, influence his process of thinking. Through these artistic creations, he moves on from pondering over primitive emotions and enters a realm of peace and stability.

‘G-sim’ Seyeon paints with his fingers instead of paintbrushes to explicitly convey his “raging” mind. He communicates with the audience through his works by revealing the most personal yet universal voices.

Traces of paint splattered, scratched, and pasted on the canvas by fingers function as triggers that stimulate various senses. As our eyes follow ‘G-sim’ Seyeon’s paintings where his touches and traces seem to remain intact, we feel as though we are touching someone and see someone bumping into another person. ‘G-sim’ Seyeon’s paintings do not point to a particular subject, but the vivid colors of his works and the three-dimensional traces of his fingers through which we grasp the artist’s emotions make us recall someone’s face, voice, and behavior.

‘G-sim’ Seyeon poured out his emotional energy on the canvas, so his paintings both compress and burst out a range of different emotions. As links that connect emotions, his paintings arouse various emotions that are intertwined, like new challenges entail hope and fear, while love entails joy and devotion.

As evident here, ‘G-sim’ Seyeon’s creative performance starts from instinctive actions, but it leads to the extraction of the essence of the mind. By doing so, his art makes the people of today, who are so tied to living the present day in preparation for the future that they fail to look after their inner feelings, focus on their present moments. Also, the artist makes us respond carefully and faithfully to the complex and subtle feelings inherent in us, thereby having us truly look into our minds and hearts.

‘G-sim’ Seyeon
2011 Kyung Hee University, Visual communication design
Solo Exhibition
2022 ’G-sim’ Seyeon, GTBT Gallery, Paju
2021 火 + 暴 Explosion, BHAK, Seoul
2018 Explosion, ANOV, Seoul
2016 Skin, AM Gallery, Berlin
2015 Unleash, Gallery M, Seoul
2014 Love song for the addicts, Ways of seeing, Seoul
2014 Anger management, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul
2012 The seed of imminent anger, Gallery M, Seoul
Group Exhibition
2021 BOUNDARY, GwanHoon Gallery, Seoul
2020 Signature Sound R, PAGE Myeong-dong, Seoul
BRAVA ART MUSEUM Third, Bella, Seoul
2019 17rooms, Sinsa-dong 651-7, Seoul
2018 Cheonyeonginnyumroom, Haedamjang, Seodaemun Art project, Seoul
2017 VangTangG-sim Seyeon and Chole J Lee Duo Exhibition, Space VangTang, Berlin
2013 Korea Art Duo exhibition, Love2Arts Gallery Antwerpen, Belgium
Art Fair
2022 KIAF, Seoul
Lotte Art Busan, Busan
Hwarang Art Fair, Seoul
2021 Art Miami, Miami
KIAF, Seoul
Busan Design Week, Busan
2020 AHAF, Seoul
KIAF, Seoul
2014 Seoul Open Art fair, Seoul
Daegu Art Fair, Daegu
2012 Daegu Art Fair, Daegu

Cuartor: Sun A MOON & Artist : ‘G-sim’ Seyeon


Q. Most of your recent works show images of explosions. Is there a particular reason for this?
There is always a beginning and an end in explosions, and they are momentary. Explosion is the transfer of energy that bursts and disappears or it is the eruption of internal emotions. I draw attention to this common factor of “momentary nature” of explosion and life and recreate the proposition, “I am here, breathing and living” into images of explosion.


Q. I think your work jumps back and forth between figurative and abstract, in terms of both theme and form. Do you ever paint from observation?
I referenced photos or other images in the early days, but I wanted to reproduce something that is internal rather than an external image. I have been continuing with this series for three to four years now, and I think it is more fitting to call it abstract than figurative.


Q. You make your work using the finger painting method, which involves painting with your fingers instead of using paintbrushes or other tools. Is there a special reason for this?
I started to paint with my fingers to minimize the change in emotion and flow that I wanted to convey on canvas. I wanted to step closer to my works themselves or to the audience by removing the medium.


Q. I heard you often hold live painting sessions. You must think communication with the audience is important.
Live painting can be understood as a way I communicate with the audience. I have to focus and make what I am thinking and wish to express into a painting in a short period of time in the presence of an audience. I feel that the atmosphere, energy, emotion, and relationships of the moment transform into properties of matter through action. And of course, there is also a huge sense of communion with the audience.


Q. What kind of work do you plan to make going forward?
I think I will continue with my abstract and semi-abstract works that explore the figurative elements and internal meanings of ever-changing beings or images. I will also continue live paintings presentations.