Dialogue features an exhibition by seventeen emerging artists, while also highlighting nine acclaimed galleries that have actively represented, supported, and promoted the artists. The artists and galleries were carefully selected through the 2021 Grant for Artist Management program, which is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Arts Management Service. Designed to promote such sustainable collaboration and growth among galleries and artists, this program provides galleries with the opportunity to support talented artists, while allowing the artists themselves to focus on their creative activities.

Dialogue is a program intended to foster the global competitiveness of art through the restoration of active dialogue between artists, curators, and gallery directors. Curators Taehyun Kwon, Sun A Moon, Jaeho Shim, Annette Doms, Jinsang Yoo, Sunghui Lee, Sookhyun Cho, and Sungah Choo joined to bring out and unfold discussions of the 17 artists named for the Grant for Artist Management program of Korea Arts Management Service. Various programs through which future visions of gallery directors are shared have also been prepared so the dialogues go beyond discussing the physical perfection of art and focus on more essential philosophies. Restoring artist-gallery-curator conversation is the first action to deliver these changes. We must build a new kind of cooperation system and gather our wisdoms for art that speaks about meaning, not numbers, to see a more transparent art market, all in hopes of establishing a fair standing of art in Korea ten years later. The task left behind by the era of uncertainty is safeguarding and maintaining the long standing, true values of art such as empathy for others, sincerity, and originality.

Oct 12, 2022 (Wed) – Nov 09 (Wed)
7F Glass Haus, Hyundai dept, Mokdong Store

Mon~Thu: 10:30AM~08:00PM
Fri~Sun: 10:30AM~08:30PM

Host: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Organizer: Korea Arts Management Service
Partner: The Hyundai

Gallery2: Suyeon Kim, Gunwoo Shin, Sojung Lee
Gallery Sklo: Namdoo Kim
LEE & BAE: Sangsun Bae, Woolim Lee
Gallery Chosun: Sanghoon Ahn, Jeong-Ju Jeong
art B project: Changuk Bak
LEEHWAIK GALLERY: Meeyoung Kim, DooJin Ahn, Youngseok Cha
KIDARI GALLERY: Hyeong-gil Choi
BHAK: Bo Kim, ‘G-sim’ Seyeon, JIHI



1. Youngseok Cha (LEEHWAIK GALLERY)
2. Meeyoung Kim (LEEHWAIK GALLERY)
4. Hyeong-gil Choi (KIDARI GALLERY)
5. Woolim Lee (Lee&Bae)
6. Sangsun Bae (Lee&Bae)
7. Sanghoon Ahn (Gallery Chosun)
8. Jeong-Ju Jeong (Gallery Chosun)
9. Namdoo Kim (Gallery Sklo)
10. Sojeung Lee (Gallery2)
11. Gunwoo Shin (Gallery2)
12. Suyeon Kim (Gallery2)
13. Chanmi Heo (WOOSON GALLERY)
14. Changuk Bak (art B project)
15. Bo Kim (BHAK)
16. G-sim Seyeon (BHAK)