KIDARI GALLERY opened on March 21, 2014 at Bongsan Art Road in Daegu, and then relocated to Daegu Innovation City in August 2020, establishing itself as an art and culture space representing the region.

Kidari is a Korean word referring to a tall person like Jervis, the protagonist of the novel Daddy Long Legs. KIDARI GALLERY plays a similar role as Jervis the benefactor, discovering and fostering talented young artists in the field of culture and arts. The gallery intends to make further contributions to the culture and arts market by offering new and diverse ideas.

KIDARY GALLERY strives help many people access art by creating the notion of “a gallery no different from home.” We also share art-related information with many galleries in other major cities, establish networks with foreign galleries, and introduce various contemporary works to the public.

KIDARI GALLERY will continue to give its best in sharing the joy of art with many people through seasonal exhibitions, invitational exhibitions of Korean and international artists, and other special exhibitions. Through these efforts, we hope to become one of the leading galleries representing Korean art.